Assistant District Attorney



Superior Court Judge

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A Message From Steve

The role of a judge is to preside over cases with an open mind, fairness and integrity. He or she must be willing to listen, to think independently and to apply the law to the facts with wisdom and justice.

I am committed to exercising those qualities as a member of the Orange County bench, and my background, both professional and personal, can give you confidence that I will serve honorably.

For the past 24 years, I have protected the People of Orange County as a prosecutor, trying cases and holding our most violent criminals (murders and sexual predators) accountable for their actions. I have acknowledged the powerful discretion a prosecutor holds when deciding to bring charges against someone. I have exercised that sacred duty in the most thoughtful and ethical way to achieve justice. I believe there is no compromising in doing the right thing, and that bar will remain the same if I am elected to the bench.

Prior to becoming a Deputy District Attorney, I worked as a civil attorney. I have represented both sides in a litigation, from consumers to defendants wrongly accused, and these experiences have increased my ability to handle any case that is brought before the bench.

Personally, Orange County is a special place to me, and I want to continue to serve her. My wife, Wendy, and I have called Orange County home since marrying 23 years ago. We have raised our two sons here and have volunteered in their activities, both in the public school setting and their extracurricular activities.

As your Superior Court Judge, I will provide every individual, no matter their background, with equal access to justice. When someone steps into my courtroom, he or she will be received by a judge who will listen carefully and respectfully and who will apply the law thoroughly and fairly.

I’m proud that we’re building a diverse campaign coalition committed to judicial independence with support from judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys and community leaders. I hope I can count on your support in this effort.


Steve McGreevy